Artist in house

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Andrea Ferolla, fashion illustrator

Andrea Ferolla, creative director with Daria Reina of Chez Dede, is a fashion illustrator.
He permanently draws a gallery of characters that inhabit an imaginery world made of malicious women, contemporary dandies and animals with disctinctive personality. His illustrations are used in the collections of bags, scarves and foulards edited by Chez Dede but also regularly exhibited and published in magazines.

The Modern Pierrot
Hotel De Ricci
Hote lDe Ricci
Charade Bar

Exhibitions and projects

He recently illustrated Kate Spade stationery collection – Agenda and Calendar.
His work has recently been showed at FIGAF, the Fashion Illustration Gallery Art Fair of London.

He is represented by Illustration Division – Art Department in NY
For inquiries

His work (originals and editions) is sold at Fashion Illustration Gallery, London.